Classical Recordings

I’d like to know what you think of these:

(Do you think the mic placement is too close? I was in a very tight recording space.)
flutes have always been difficult for me to record.



I’m not a recording engineer, so I’ll just comment from my perspective as a violin player.

The first thing I thought on the opening of the Shostokovich was that it was indeed too close-mic’d, All you can hear is the instrument and just some of the space, and of course it’s the complexity of the space’s resonance that allows one to hear the fiddle family’s ‘actual’ sound.

Kick-axx performance by the quartet.

I see you’re in Chicago too, I wonder if our paths have crossed?

Hi Steve.

What do you do for a living? Perhaps our paths have crossed.

I’m a violinist.

Wonderful playing by the entire quartet! The the items mentioned by Steve are easily fixable also, if you are interested PM me and I will forward a couple of links to explain process.
Nice to hear great playing like this!

Yeah, very tight quartet indeed, great performance, though not quite my thing. Kinda creepy atm with this playing since it’s coming in dark here and there are some odd shadows around from the trees. xD 10/10 for that atmosphere. The mics are kinda close but not that bad really. Have you tried adding something like the Berlin Church 4.8s rear mic reverb in QL Spaces? The Berlin orchestra actually use impulses from that same church on recordings that are too dry. It’s one of the more subtle reverbs and is a very high quality reverb that complements dry orchestra recordings very well.