clean guitar over processed signal

I’m using amplitube 4 plug in for my processed guitar signals. When i’m playing/recording I can hear the unprocessed guitar signal over the top of the processed guitar signal, how do I get rid of this so that I hear only the processed signal. I feel like I’ve had this before but i’m not sure how to fix it. The clean signal is not on the playback recording, only while recording. Is there a monitor button or something somewhere?

Well you probably have a routing problem, but without any info on how you have your system configured no one will be able to offer any specific advice. Does your audio interface support monitoring in its hardware? If so that’s a good place to look first. Beyond that you’ll need to examine your routings to find the culprit.

FYI, we encourage folks to put their system specs in their signature because it makes it easier to respond to posts like this.

Apologies, I’m new to this forum and relatively new to Cubase, recently started using Cubase 10 Artist from Cubase 8 AI. Appreciate your patience. Will look at routing when I get back from work.

Cubase Artist 10, Windows 10, i7, 16GB RAM

No problem. Just trying to encourage folks to post enough info so others can help. :smiley:

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You probably have to turn off direct monitoring in some way. That’s usually the problem here. Depending on your sound card of course, which is why the guys are saying give your tech specs.

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