Clean Guitar Sound Always in the background


I’m using the steinberg ur 22 MK 2 and cubase and never had problem with it. But since today, when I try to record my guitar, i always hear the clean guitar in the background to the FX sound, whiche just sounds bad. I can hear that clean tone even if I mute all channel or when there’s even no audio input. I always hear that damn clean guitar sound. What can i do?

Thank you

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Mix knob is set to the most-right DAW.

Thank you so much! I can’t believe the solution to my problem is that simple, i feel really stupid. But now it works great, you we’re right!

I have the same problem but for the UR44.
Could you help?


Double-check the loopback function, please. UR44 definitely has this feature.

I have the sam e problem with UR-RT4 (USB Interface 24-bit) I cant find a solution? Help!

Mute the channel in dspmix app.

I don’t use dspMix I use my DAW interface only and that’s Logic Pro x