Clean install 8.5, no groove agent SE4

I did a clean install of Windows 10 on my PC, and at the same time a clean install of Cubase 8.5, and I skipped the older version that I had before, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0…
So I downloaded complete installation Cubase 8.5 from My Steinberg.
But after the installation, there were no Padshop Pro or Groove agent SE4, or Halion Sonic SE installed.
Padshop Pro I could find on Steinbergs page and I installed it separately.

But how do I get Groove agent SE4 and Halion Sonic SE?
Should I have installed Cubase 8 before 8.5?

The full Cubase Pro 8.5 installer does come with Groove Agent SE 4. I would run the Cubase installer again just in case anything else failed to install without you noticing.

In case that doesn’t help, the GASE4 installer can be found where you unzipped the Cubase installer, in the Additional Content\VST Sound folder.

Thanks for your answer. I saw now that I was to quick, I hadn’t unzipped the files correctly before installation.
Now everything is as it should be. :slight_smile: