Clean install of Windows 7 and Cubase Studio 5


I am preparing a total clean install of my client’s Windows 7 and Cubase Studio 5.0.0. Unfortunately his OS has tripped on it’s own legs in the middle of a music production project. There is also partners with Cubase Studio 5 involved. The legacy recording hardware in use is M-Audio ProFire 2626. This altogether leaves out the option to purchase a new computer. I am in a process of preparing the computer for complete formatting of the system drive and re-installing of the Windows 7. My client has the installation CD/DVD disks for the Cubase Studio 5.0.0. There is an external USB dongle in use for the Cubase. Is there any required actions to take to make sure that the USB dongle provides the correct licensing for the Cubase after the formatting of the C-drive?

I would also like to update the Cubase Studio 5 into the last version published for the fifth serie. I have discovered the page but the first update file to apply needs version 5.1.1. to update from. I do not find any way to update from 5.0.0. to 5.1.1. Has this update been a separate purchase in the past? Is there any installation media available to get straight to the more recent version of the Cubase Studio 5? My client needs to stay in Studio 5 to be able to share the projects, but probably would benefit of having Cubase Studio 5.5.3.