Clean install without removing VSTSs

Is it possible to uninstall Cubase without deleting 3rd party VST’s?

I messed up, tried to fix it, now Cubase is crashing all the time and need I to do a clean install, but, I would like to avoid the time-consuming operation of installing 3rd party VSTs from the start.

eacht vsti has its own install so removing any daw will not affect those.
the vsti’s that come with the daw are offcourse removed since they are listed on the install/uninstall cue of the program

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Thanks. I was reading the instructions for the uninstall procedures found on Steinbergs web site, which is indicating that one should delete the VST folder and I wasn’t sure how to interpret that. I moved all 3rd party VSTs out of the way and put them back after the new install, which worked fine.