Clean up function help

Im trying to find out more about the clean up function. According to the manual its on page 1037 but it doesn’t relate to it. I thought the plot was to get rid of erased files and files which are not used-anyone got any info?

Definately be very careful with this function. It scans all your .cprs looking for referenced media and deletes everything that’s not referenced, roughly explained. Should you have moved or renamed some files manually they might be lost forever as they won’t go to the trash bin but get instantly erased. I learned this the hard way when I was new to Cubase many moons ago… :cry:

I think it’s a better idea to use ‘backup to new folder’ and keep your discs tidy and well organized manually.

Many thanks for that. Does sound like a job to do manually when I have time on my hands :slight_smile: A lot of the time when Im recording audio I press back-space which seems to take the unwanted file into the rubbish bin so Im off to a good start :slight_smile: