Clean Up Lanes do not work

Hi all,

1/ Create an Audio track
2/ Record several layers of this track
3/ select the part you want fromthe different layers
4/ right click on the audio track and select “clean up layer” => nothing happen ?

The manual is saying that:
“After assembling your perfect take, you can improve your take.
• To automatically resolve overlaps and remove empty lanes, right-click the
track and select Clean Up Lanes.”

So I expected that overlaps would be removed.

Do you reproduce the problem ?


I’m sorry, the Manual is not very clear here. “Clean Up Lanes” function jist removes empty lanes. Not more.

Removing empty lanes sometimes works but often definitely does not NOT work! I’ve tried deleting all events and all automation, yet cleaning up lanes does not remove one remaining empty lane I have below my track. Can’t really make a bug report, because I cannot reproduce the error. Sometimes it works, sometimes not…

Try bounce, I select my whole take in the main Lane and go to audio > bounce. You’ll get only the parts you selected as one single file and all others will be deleted from you lanes. Good luck!