Clean up question

I’ve been using the same project folder for all of my projects on a particular film project. Bad idea? Now, if I were to use “clean up”, Cubase has no way of knowing which files are being used. It will see that one file is not being used by the current project, but has no way of knowing that its not used in a different project, right?

Although, there is one method that might work. If I go to Media - Remove unused media, will that clear everything in the audio folder that is not used or only files in the POOL but not being accessed? If its only files in the POOL i think im safe, since it will leave audio belonging to other projects untouched and only deletes files that were imported to the pool but then their events were deleted in the project.

Have a look at Backup Project.

Of course the wise may copy the entire folder just in case :sunglasses: