Cleaning up a vocal - Do I still need to manually trim?


Years ago I took the habit of cleaning up vocal tracks by manually trimming out the areas where the singer was not in fact singing. I was wondering if I can bypass that method now that I know how to use Noise Gate in the channel strip properly?
I’d rather let Cubase do the heavy lifting…

Can someone confirm this is an acceptable workflow?

Hi Metro

It can be done but I still prefer the “strip silence” method and then manually check individual start and end points, using a noise gate sometimes leaves tiny audio artifacts which need to be removed manually anyway. Having said that I have used noise gates to do it sometimes successfully, just needs attention to detail on the noise gate settings.

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its possible also to use the “detect silence” function(adjust it for best results). i do that to a lot of tracks/events at once… saves some time and hassle

The last recording I did for a band, I pretty much did not gate or silence anything. They where all in the same room, and lots of bleed between the microphones. They wanted a “live” feel to it, and those open mic’s helped a lot. Just saying, it does not always have to be pretty and dead silent in between.
Oh and after a few weeks and some requests I ended up replacing the guitar solos, the drum sounds with samples, tuning the vocals, snipping out every empty part of audio, generating new background vocals, and on and on.
Now the band are really happy with the result, but I still prefer the first raw version of the songs.
I guess it’s mostly, “How does it feel?”