Cleaning up files

I’ve worked on a project and as I have added more parts in the recording process and editing process and kept saving the latest version of the project until I have reached the final version, how do I clean out the (audio, wav. etc) files in the pool etc that are no longer being used without the likelihood of accidently deleting the “good” files needed for my project? I have noticed that if I click on the project title cpr icon it only deletes the icon not the actual file…

Do a “copy song to new folder” I think it’s called that, in the file menu. It will copy only the audio and stuff used in the arrangement to a new folder, then you can delete the old song folder and it’s contents.


If I understand the question correctly, there is a very easy way to “clean up” the projects:

Just use the “Back-up projects” - function in the “file” menu.

Just the very last and used parts of the project will be saved in a new file.


They changed the name in version 5 up.


@Split: As I have Cubase AI 5.1.1, the naming is still “Backup des Projektes…”

I think I’m right so far… :unamused:
(Could be different in the english version?)


In LE 4 (which I think 65 Guitar is using, according to this thread) it was “Save project to new folder”. And as split already wrote from version 5 up, it´s “backup project”.

Nope I think I was right, well apart from calling it copy instead of save, but I was working from memory :laughing: