Cleaning up ghost voices

When I turn on the IRV, Dorico tells me there’s a mysterious Downstem Voice 1 on Staff (a) (third from the top):


However, that’s news to me - I do not have anything in that voice on that staff. How can clean this up? Thanks!

It’s possible you called for this by accident somewhere, or you added the voice briefly and deleted it, but haven’t closed the project yet. Closing the file and reopening cleans up any empty voices. The reality is, it doesn’t much matter if you have that voice there.

I’ve selected all notes on the staff and converted them to Upstem Voice 1, just to be sure, and then applied the additional divisi voice all over again. However, this doesn’t help. Closing and reopening doesn’t seem to help either.

Perhaps I should delete all unison restores to see if that voice is hiding there somewhere there? I’d really like to figure where that voice is hiding. Hmmm… :thinking:

Turn on voice colors.

If you’re using independent voice routing, Dorico won’t delete empty voices in the way it otherwise would. If it wouldn’t cost you a lot to set up the routing for those independent voices again, you could disable independent voice routing, save the project, then reopen it, and re-enable independent voice routing and re-route the remaining voices.


Hi Daniel: Thank you for responding to this. I tried your suggestion and Dorico indeed deleted 2 out of several ghost voices (I even restarted the program). However, a single persistent voice still remains in 3 instruments and I think this means there are notes somewhere on those staves even though I can’t see them.

This reminds me of a post a long while ago about notes still sounding on hidden staves above/below.

Is it possible for notes to be hidden underneath “Restore Unison”? Many thanks!

It could be that if you have added extra staves to this instrument at some point, some notes are still lurking on those staves, even though the staves themselves are no longer shown.

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In case anyone might be interested in this, the process to clean up ghost voices is as follows:

  1. Disable IRV playback
  2. Select contents of the staff and convert everything to Upstem Voice 1.
  3. Save
  4. Restart Dorico (in my case restarting project only didn’t work)
  5. Enable IRV playback again (I used this to check all ghost voices were gone)
  6. Re-apply the divisi voices where needed

This restores everything only to voices used in unison/divisi and even restores the original sequence of Dorico voice colors.