Cleaning Up the Score


I hope any of you veteran Dorico users (or Daniel) can help with the following. Please refer to the attached files.

  1. Following the original Kalmus Score, I want the default clef to be treble right at the beginning of the piano right hand. Then following the key signature, I’d like to change to the bass clef. Can I do this in Dorico? In many scores, this is the convention. In any case, Sibelius handles this situation just like Dorico has done here.

  2. Again following the original score, I want the alternate note for the English translation (the dotted quarter note [crochet]) in measure five to be on the right of the half note (minim). How do I adjust note position horizontally?

3.I am unable to hide the rests in measures 7 and 11, even though I have followed the direction to “start/end voice”.

  1. The tremolo in the last measure, bass line, are dotted halves in the original score. I am unable to replicate this. Is there a workaround?

  2. How do I trim (adjust) hairpins?

  3. How do I remove/change instrument names from the staves?

  4. How do I further justify the beginning system to the right?

  5. Related question not applicable to this score:

Whereas I can add a suffix (or prefix) to any dynamic marking, there doesn’t seem to be a way to format the text in the suffix differently than the original head dynamic. If I use the text tool (Shift X), the alignment option is limited to positioning above or below the staff, which doesn’t give much control to user preference in terms of exact positioning. Is there an equivalent expression text tool in Dorico, something similar to what Sibelius has?

  1. in Engrave mode, in the properties panel adjust the “Voice Column Index” - there are also possibilities under Notation Options | Voice |Ordering Multiple Voices
  2. in Write Mode select the bar with rests you want to hide. Then click Edit | Remove rests
  3. You can adjust hairpins in Engrave Mode
  4. to remove, Layout Options | Staves and Systems - to change in Setup Mode double click the player name and type new one.
  5. Layout Options | Staves and Systems | Indent first system of flow

hope that helps a bit. David

Thank you.