'Cleanup' function deleted most of my USED audio!


I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase 10 but still have 8.5 installed.

I ran out of room on my Macbook, and since I was in between projects and have backed up the most important stuff, I decided to try out the ‘cleanup’ function in 8.5 (which can’t be found in Cubase 10).

Cubase found 126 gigs of unused files. Awesome! I hit the ‘delete’ button, assuming it would move all of those files to trash, but no… they instantly disappeared without a warning.

So I tried opening some random old projects to see if it worked… and much to my horror, Cubase couldn’t locate ANY of the USED audio files in pretty much every project! That’s years of recordings, just gone! In around 30% of the projects, the audio is still there, but the rest have been completely deleted.
I never moved a project folder or anything like that, every project is in it’s original folder, so I have NO IDEA how this happened.

I’ll survive this. Like I said, the really important projects have been backed up, BUT still… This is a major bummer. :cry:

Does anyone have any idea how this could have happened? Is the cleanup function completely broken?


Sucks for sure…

A few years ago I mistakenly deleted some audio files. I was able to recover them using this free program (Recuva).


Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the response… I tried a recovery program but it generated thousands of glitchy audio files with no names, so I gave up. I’ve learned my lesson and will never use the cleanup function again… hopefully this post serves as a warning for other people too.