"clear all slots" preset in the audio fx rack

when you click on the audio insert efx rack tab, in the inspector (on the small preset square icon on the left), you have the choice between : “load…”, “save…”, and opening the bigger rack to select a preset.
Could be handy to have a 4th choice : “clear all slots”. I can’t count the time i spend on dragging efx out of this zone to unload them…

there is a reset inserts option, it clears all inserts ! (if you refering that in you FR) if i remember its alt+click on global insert bypass small button of the channel.

same for Send,eq and CS

God… thank you for pointing this out ! This is a bit less handy than a contextual menu (the dialog box appears in the middle of my window) and even less handy than a single click solution, but i suppose it’s for security purpose !
Anyway it’s already here and i can use it right now ! Thank you mozizo ! :slight_smile:

You could also drag 'n drop in the one track to another in the mixer.

(drag 'n drop where the name and color is and before you drop you will see the track highlighted green)

When you do this it will copy complete track settings including channel racks, eq, inserts, sends, panner, fader etc.

I don’t know about routing but that shouldn’t be a problem.