Clear Hub of Recent Projects

Can we have a quick way to clear the hub of recent projects. I currently have over fifty and am not deleting them one by one… I refuse.

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You can manually edit the xml file “Defaults.xml” in the user folder
(Windows: C: \ Users \ […] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Steinberg \ Cubase 11_64).

Search for the term “AutoSavers” and delete the area below the text
< member name = “GRecentDocumentPaths” >
starting from < list name = “Paths” type = “list” > to < /list > .

In the example image below, this is the area marked in blue.

After that, the hub looks like this:

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I tried this but couldn’t find ‘AutoSavers’ in the Cubase 10.5_64 folder. :thinking:

@JBuck You have to edit the defaults.xml , see above.

Dude, that made my head and eyes hurt. Couldn’t find the ‘AutoSavers’.
Thanks for the help though. I think I will wait for Steinberg to implement what should have been implemented years ago… a button to push. :wink:


Yes do it :wink:
Steinberg will certainly not officially recommend editing the xml files manually.

HEH! I did that for a short while and then forgot about it. I even planned on creating something in a text editor to auto search and replace with regex in that file and save as some kind of macro in the text editor. I’ll try later today. Time to stop planning and start doing seems to be my mantra in 2021! :sunglasses:

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Well … it works and … it doesn’t.

Now that section looks like

   <member name="AutoSavers">
      <member name="GRecentDocumentPaths">
         <list name="Paths" type="list">

which is what I want so so far so good. I tried it on a copy of the real file. But it looks like I’ve run into some kind of issue with UltraEdit text editor and regex. Search for

(?s)      <member name="GRecentDocumentPaths">
         <list name="Paths" type="list">

and replace it with

     <member name="GRecentDocumentPaths">
         <list name="Paths" type="list">

kind of works. The idea was to chop the first item in the list off as a test and then hit “replace all” to chop the rest off but something is not right. The search finds a random number of items and if I hit the “replace” button they’re relaced but then the search doesn’t restart from the top like it use to do. Instead I get “not found”. But if I move the cursor above the
< member name = “GRecentDocumentPaths” >
line it works again … once. So I had to iterate 6–8 times to get all and that’s not really good enough.

So I don’t know if it’s my lack of regex expertise or some situation in UltraEdit that makes this behave the way it does. What I ultimately wanted to do was to create some macro tool in UltraEdit and assign a Key Command to it and be done with it.

This wasn’t very inspiring. :roll_eyes:I also tried to use the memeber tags but UltraEdit got stuck on member tags inside the items tag and again at random places in the list of Cubase projects. I dunno what to do at the moment. I’ll probably try again haha stupid mofo!

FYI the list of recent project is truncated at around 30 projects in
Cubase > menu > file > recent projects
but it’s actually HUUUUUUUUUUGE!


The right thing to do would probably to write a VBS script but I don’t know VBS. Maybe it’s time to take a look at it? Not only for this of course but for all sorts of things on Windows that Microsoft never will do for me. :rofl:

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This has been this way since they introduced the HUB. There should be a clear all command for the Hub. The way I have done it is disconnect my project drive and then try to open the project and it will get deleted. It’s all the little things in software that is annoying. It’s not big enough deal for SB to add the feature.

“You have a problem, you try and solve it with Regular Expressions, now you have two problems.”
The thing to do is to read in the XML to a Object Model, tell the model what you want it to do, and write it back out again. After 12 I might just start writing a family of tools to do this stuff for Cubase xml files, put a GUI on it. IDK

Still the same in Cubase 12. No changes or enhancements. At least, it still works.

Actually I was surprised how short a time it took for me to go through the list & delete all the of 50 or so project names by simply right clicking on the top project name and dragging the mouse over the ‘remove from list’ menu option then letting go of the mouse button and it was gone i.e one mouse click per item. Took me apx. 3 mins to delete 50 so not worth chancing an edit unless that’s your thing :wink:


No sarcasm. Sometimes I find myself spending more time trying to find a workaround than taking the so called long route.
It’s understandable to look for a solution in these situations when Steinberg could easily have created a single button/command, but I was surprised how quick it was to take the long route, genuinely.

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