Clear Visible Plug-ins ?

PG, I just wanted to say that your hard work is much appreciated. I’m taking another crack at version 7 with a clear mind and that has really helped me learn more about it. I didn’t realize you were a one man show until recently ! Anyways, thanks again for all the work you put in. The latest build is doing pretty well.

Question: is there a way to clear all visible plug-ins on the screen ? I sometimes have maybe 3 up at once and it would be cool to hit a button in the effects tab that clears all visible plug-ins off the screen at once.

Thanks again !!

If not set differently, pressing “L” on the keyboard should clear all pugins in the master section. But you can assign other keyboard command as well.

What do you call “clear”?
This is not the same between “Hiding the UI” or “unplugin the plugin”.
This is not also the same, if the plugins are in the Master Section or in the Montage.

Clear as in UI.

So you are working on a montage, have say 3 clip effects plug-ins all visible on the screen. Then you need to move them to get to the clip waveforms at the bottom by either closing or minimizing them individually. It would be cool to have a button that closes all the plug-in UI’s on the screen at once.

Yes, this is noted, you’re not the first one to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks very much PG !!!