Clearing Recent Projects

Is there a way to clear Recent Projects without messing anything up?

Right click and select remove from list?

Not possible.
This is the only way i know of. I know it seems almost harder than writing code to have an option to clear the list. Some have asked for this for several years. A “Favorite Projects” list would be nice…

I am going to check the Steinberg Hub and see if it does something now with recent projects…

What I do is use Windows’ recent file list instead of the list inside Cubase. Pin Cubase to your windows taskbar. Now if you right click on that Cubase icon you will see a list of recently opened projects. Right clicking on any item on the list allows you to remove it or pin it to the top of the list - both very useful. Left clicking opens the project. Since this is a Windows standard it works for all programs in a consistent manner.

One caveat is that a project will only appear on the list after it is opened from Windows. So when you create and save a new project in Cubase that doesn’t appear on the list. You need to locate the project in Windows and launch it from there to initially get it on the list.

There’s also a short term known bug where Cubase 8.5 will not necessarily open a project from Windows. They only open using the Cubase File menu. This only impacts some folks (I’m one) and is expected to be fixed in 8.5.10 soon.

Is absolutely possible…in project assistant. I guess you’re trying in file menu.

When you say Project Assistant, do you mean the right side of the Steinberg Hub? I looked but didnt see anything… Can you be more specific? BTW, i am on C8.0.35

Yes…exactly that. I can right click on any project in the recent projects list and have the option remove from list.

But this could well be new to 8.5…I know it wasn’t in earlier versions of 8.

I disabled the hub (find it annoying) so I’d never noticed this. But this is good to know - especially if using the hub to delete an entry also removes it from under the File menu.

It does remove deleted items from the file menu list too but looks like the changes only update after restarting Cubase.

BTW…you can leave hub disabled in preferences so only project assistant opens (File/New project) which is far less annoying than the hub!

Yeah, that’s how I have it set.

How can you mess up something if you erase something you dont want ???

By also accidentally erasing something you didn’t intend to erase. :wink:

Not that that has ever happened to me.

Doesn’t work with 8.0.35. Been waiting to upgrade. I’ve seen many post with many problems so far.