Clearing up remains from Dorico 1.2

Hello, I bought a Dorico 2 Elements licence to work with it on my Laptop.
I have an issue though:
I trashed the folder with an old Dorico 1.2 trial from the Laptop. Still there seem to be some remains from Halion Symphonic orchestra. As I get one of these warning messages, when I open a Dorico file („some content could not be loaded“)…
How would I get rid of it, please?
Also, if I click on Play>Playback Template…
I will get the choice of
HSSE (Elements) and
I would like to get rid of the second one.
In Library-Application Support-Steinberg-Content I can not identify, what to remove.

ok, I just erased the complete Steinberg Folders in Library>Application Support.
Then reinstalled Halion Sonic SE 3.
Still a glitch: Now Dorico 2 Elements is looking for „REVerence Music“ (probably some trial I once installed?)
And: „Can not locate Impulse Response File: LA Studio.wav“
I would like to clean this up.

Run the Dorico Elements installer again: that will restore the REVerence impulses, which are used by the REVerence convolution reverb.

Thank you Daniel,
a reinstallation of Dorico 2 Elements sorted things out now.
Now I would just like to get rid of the „Halion Symphonic Orchestra Trial VST Sound Instrument Set“ im my eLicenser Control Center. Strange thing is, the switch to remove a license is not there…

If the license is expired, you should be able to remove it via the Actions > Remove License menu item. Be careful you don’t remove the wrong license, though.

Daniel there is a problem, because the option to Remove the license is completely greyed out in the Actions Menu - even for the valid one…

I’m afraid I don’t know any more than that. I suggest you go to your MySteinberg page and open a support ticket if you need further assistance with this.

Thank you Daniel, I will try that.
[edit] problem has been solved thanks to Steinberg support. I had to install a new eLicenser Control Panel and reactivate the Software.