Clef and Transposition Override Issue for Baritone (from treble clef to concert-pitch part)

I am struggling to make a part for a Baritone in Bass Clef with the original part in the Full Score as a Baritone in treble clef (transposing up M9). However, I cannot get the new part to show the bass clef and do the correct rendering of the original part in concert pitch using the Clef and Transposition Overrides. Here are the screens. What am I doing wrong?

Can you post the Project? I can’t see what’s going wrong from just the screen shots.

Just a thought, the overrides are per layout. So, if you want something changed in the score as well as the part, you need to do an override in the score as well.

Clef and transpositions also won’t override an explicit clef, i.e. any clef that you’d input directly into the music. For those, you can hide/show or change the clef shown according to the layout transposition (e.g. treble clef in the concert pitch score, bass clef in the transposing part).