Clef and transposition override question


I can’t figure out how “Clef and transposition override” window works.

I have a baritone sax in my piece.
I would like the full score to stay in C (and it’s mostly in bass clef for sax), but part, naturally, transposed (treble clef).

However when i select the treble clef option and press “OK” – nothing changes in the part. It’s still in bass clef.

What am i missing?

Is there an explicit clef at the start of the flow? i.e. can you select the bass clef at the start of bar 1? If so, delete it.

There was, thank you.
I deleted it, and it automatically made the part in treble clef, which is good.

Then i opened “Clef and transp. overrides” for the full score and selected the bass clef.

But there’s still one minor issue: is there any way to tell the part to totally ignore the clefs from full score?

If you mean clefs at various points during the piece that you input because you wanted to change the clef in the score, yes you can indeed tell those clefs not to appear in transposing layouts (i.e. the part).

Got it, thank you.