Clef and Transposition Overrides - grand staff limitations?

I’m trying to make 2 transposed parts from a marimba grand staff. So I want to change the bass staff to a treble staff transposing it up two octaves but keep the treble staff as is, but I’m not able to treat the two staffs differently. Is that a limitation in Dorico or do I not understand how to accomplish it?

I’m pretty sure the Clefs and Transposition Overrides dialog transposes the whole instrument by the same interval (which presumably you’d tried setting to C2, down near the bottom of the dialog).

You’ve not explained your use case terribly thoroughly, but if you’re working with a score that’s in concert pitch then you might be able to work around it like this:

  1. Set your actual Marimba part to be in concert pitch, so that it’s unaffected by what comes next.
  2. In your other part layout - the one you’re using for transposition purposes - confirm that that’s set to transposed pitch.
  3. Enter a bass clef in your transposed part layout.
  4. With it still selected, right-click/Edit > Clef > Concert Pitch > Treble Clef.
  5. With the Set local properties switch at the far right of the properties panel set to Locally, set the Octave Shift property of the clef to -2.

Now you should have a score that still has the lower stave in bass clef, a Marimba part that still has the lower stave in bass clef, and a separate part layout (shown on the right here) that has the lower stave in treble clef up two octaves.

Ah, that’s neat Leo, thanks. My actual case was that I wanted a notation of the melody and bass lines from the marimba that can be used by Bb- and Eb-flat instruments in treble clef. I got around the problem as I could use two double bass parts so I had two instruments and then of course no problems with the transpositions and clef changes.

You could potentially do something like add instruments with the corresponding transpositions, then cue the marimba into each instrument? and set up cues so that bar rests aren’t shown, and their scale size is 100% (so they have full-sized notes rather than small notes).

Thank you Lillie but I think I managed in the easiest way, simply by finding the parts in two other instruments and then use Clefs and Transposition Overrides on the new layout for the Bb-instruments.