Clef change and insert mode

I get an odd behaviour. Some background: I play the bassoon and it often changes between bass and tenor clef.

Describing problem in most simple way:
I enter four notes: A, B, C, D with a chef change between B and C.
At beginning of the bar I insert one note.
The result is that the clef change is moved to between A and B, which is not an expected behaviour.

Is there any way I can attach the Clef change to the note C, not to the rythmic position?

Quite simply: no.
Insert mode (currently) only applies to a single voice, not the whole staff. That means that objects that are linked to the staff, not the voice, don’t move. These include clef changes and dynamics, among other things.

You can of course select the notes and dynamics and clef changes etc., and use Alt+arrow keys to move them all along, before adding the extra note(s) at the beginning of the bar.

You, of course, mean tenor clef.
I’ve never seen a bassoon part using alto clef.

@rkrenzman: thinking error, corrected.