Clef changes in Divisi Staves Question

So, I am making an SATB Arrangement of a Christmas song. For one Part, I want the 2-Staves for choir to become 4 staves. For the Tenor and Bass Divide, though, I want the Tenor Staff to have the treble clef 8vb, while the Bass Staff to retain the bass cleff. Every time I change cleffs though, BOTH Tenor and Bass Staves would be affected. How can I fix that?

This is a guess: what happens if when you enter the clef into the popover, you close the popover with Alt+Enter rather than just Enter? Alternatively, if you’re dragging the clef from the right panel, try holding the Alt key on your keyboard. Does this work?

Oh, Let me try it and see. In the mean time, How would I get rid of the staff labels in Divisi Staves?

It worked.

Double click the Divisi sign post and check the options at the bottom of the dialog.

Thank you! In the meantime, there is an issue with the Treble 8vb Cleff. Instead of playing an Octave Lower, it plays it as if it were not a Treble 8vb Cleff. How do I correct that?

Also, After I changed the Cleff, I see a courtesy cleff appear right before the system break, and the divisi labels of the treble cleff 8vb. How do I hide that?

I’m just settling into a choir rehearsal so I’m ducking out at this point. The tenor 8vb thing has come up before; search for it.

Can someone answer the question about the courtesy cleff being hidden?

I don’t know if there is a clean way to do this, but you can fake it:

  1. In write mode, select the clef, open the properties panel (Ctrl-8), and edit the colour. Change the “alpha channel” value to 0. (The red green and blue values don’t matter.)

That makes the clef invisible, but it still takes up space in the score. That might not matter, depending on how wide your lyrics are at that point, but you can fix it if you need to:

  1. In engrave mode, switch on “note spacing” in the left hand panel. Select the handle above the final bar line of the system, and (try to) move it to the left with Alt-left arrow. The bar line won’t move, because it is “stuck” to the right margin to justify the width of the staff, but the music will be stretched to the right to close the gap where the clef used to be.