Click and drum audio out of synch

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This is my first time posting. Thank you in advance for helping me out.

I have a Tascam US 1641 and am using Cubase LE5. Because I do not like to record to a click track, I like to record a drum beat as an audio file and sync it to the click (I am a guitarist). I have never been able to use the quantize capability successfully. So, I have instead just moved the audio file so that it is right in line with the click track.

Everything starts off perfectly… But by the time the end of the audio file comes about… The click track and the drum beat are slightly off. Both are set to one hundred beats per minute. I do not understand how this can be possible. Do you have any suggestions on things I can do to troubleshoot this so that they are synched correctly?

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Corey (the noob)

And where does the audio come from? external device, VSTi?

Ugh, I knew I’d forget something important. I am using a Boss Dr Rhythm 670 Drum Machine.

And is it synchrnised to Cubase (Midi clock)?

No, I just recorded the drumbeat as an audio file. I tried recording it as a midi file months ago but could never figure out how to properly quantize it. I figure I could just record it as an audio file and manually move it so it’s lined up.

What perplexes me is that it gets out of sync. A hundred beats per minute on my drum machine should be the exact same thing as 100 bpm on my click within cubase, right?

Only if both internal clocks of both devices run exactly the same speed with the same variations in timimg, which is mostly not the case.

If I can expand on Thinkingcaps post (he hates repetition :mrgreen: )

Even though you have both devices set to the same BPM both devices are using independent clocks to derive the tempo.

Just like two watches set to the same time, the timing will drift apart the longer you leave them.

You will need to use one clock for both devices for the timing to stay accurate (synchronisation)

This is achieved by using MIDI clock. Cubase is set to send MIDI clock timing reference to the drum machine which is in turn set to receive MIDI clock from Cubase, both devices will have settings for this to be setup.

You can then record the resultant MIDI drum data into cubase or the audio output and will now stay in synchronisation with Cubases timing grid.

Thank for the explanation!

Although I understand the concept, it still amazes me that the two clocks can be that out of synch…especially in that short of time. Especially since it’s all digital.

I am new to Cubase so I will have to look into using the MIDI clock. I might have a followup question or two regarding this shortly. Thank you both fo your help.