Click assignment (lyrics)

In Finale, there is this feature for lyrics called click assignment, in which you can write the lyrics once and apply them to different voices and notes.
I wonder if there is a similar feature in Dorico, or if we have to write all the lyrics every time.


Yes. Just filter the lyrics in one part and copy. Shift-L for lyrics in another part and start pasting…

Janus is absolutely right, but actually Dorico makes it even easier than that.

I work on songs for my English vocal students, and I never create the text in Dorico.
I produce a lyric sheet in Excel, then copy the text to Windows text editor. Add the hyphens in there.

Then, copy the text and paste it (after Shift-L) using Ctrl-V syllable by syllable.
(I find myself hitting the V in rhythm.)

When a syllable extends over more than one note just hit space (and Dorico nicely allows that while you’re still holding the ctrl key).

Also note that after entering, you can move lyrics to different rhythmic positions with Alt and arrow keys.

Altogether it’s much easier and quicker than Finale.

Hi. This is actually a very good tip, thank you.
However, it is not an equivalent feature to click assignment.
For example, you may want the same text on the second voice, but not at the same place and with different repetitions of some syllables, so just copying and pasting does not do it.
With click assignment, you write the text/syllables on a window (or copy and paste the text from somewhere else), and you click on the notes you want that syllable to be.

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Hi, this is another very nice tip, thank you.

Dorico does this (as @DWR-keys explained in detail). Lyrics can be moved around to suit different rhythms. You can either do this at input or edit them later.

Also it’s important to know that in Dorico (as in Sibelius) you can filter to select lyrics in place and copy them, then paste them onto a completely different rhythm, without having to retype anything or use a different program.

Dorico also offers (like Finale but unlike Sibelius) a window where you can edit all the lyrics in a staff. This is a very effective way to fix lyrics that are a note or two off from where they belong. It’s also helpful for proofing spelling and punctuation.

Hi Mark.
For the lyrics in place, I think it is a very useful tool, thanks for this tip.
Yet sometimes you may not want the lyrics to change at the same place (ex: in a Renaissance motet).
As for the lyrics window, that’s the kind of thing I was looking for. Please, tell me how to open that window that would allow me to correct typos, etc.
Thank you.

Oh I think I’ve found out:
Edit → Lyrics → Edit line of lyrics
Is this the one?

That’s the one!

What I mean is (as well as copying lyrics in rhythm en masse) you can also copy a whole bunch of lyrics and then re-paste them one syllable at a time elsewhere, to fit the notes.