Click deactivation

I would like to ask how to automate the activation and deactivation of “Click” in the simplest way. For example, at the end of a track, when slowing down, it would be nice if the drummer couldn’t hear…

Automation track?

Did it work for you? Not for me. But otherwise, I should solve it in version 1, where there is no automation track. Version 2 is not yet stable enough to be used together. Some songs crackle and sometimes the software quits without any warning.
The solution for now is to create an audio click track in Nuendo/Cubase.

Then via MIDI track control?

… can you please give me some more details?


I would like to make it so that the clicking sound can be turned on and off automatically in certain parts of a song. so you don’t have to press the letter c on the keyboard while playing music. I think it’s possible with some kind of midi command, but I don’t have any information about it.

You know where Actions and shortcuts are, right? You can control things there via a Midi track through vMIDI ports.

its easy, I wont explain, sorry sorry, because

  • ((discussed several times here)), but much more
  • waste both of our time as you can do this much easier in V2’s automation track feature.

You can program Metro Channel Mute via Actions and Shortcuts, or even better use automation.
But for cases like these we always just composed an audio click track.

Thanks, musicullum!

fkalmus, I didn’t want to waste your time. I asked the developers the question. Since we don’t use midi programming at all in VST Live, we only use it to play sound and video tracks (e.g. backing vocals), so I don’t know this part of the software. We don’t control lights or play midi tracks. And I don’t want to learn very deeply, I just want to solve one specific task at a time. For example, turning “click” on and off automatically.