Click + Drag in Mixer

Since upgrading from 10 to 10.5, Click + Drag has stopped working in any mixer window (still works fine in Tracks and other windows). Hardware has not changed.

Hi and welcome,

Would would you expect with click + drag in the MixConsole? Do you mean the Channel or the fader, or the parameter or the plug-in…? Where do you click to?

Hi Martin;

Clik Drag in the fader field no longer works, ie: I can only enter db changes via double clicking the box. Click drag does work in the tracks window and other fields, but specifically not in the MixConsole. See attachment



I can’t see the fader on your screen. Change the Inserts to the Faders in the Lower Zone MixConsole, please.

Is this what you are looking for?

I can drag faders with no problem. Regardless of which MicConsole view I’m using - Faders, Inserts, Sends - the issue is with clik-dragging in the db field which I circled in the screen grab.

In v10 I could do this, but not in 10.5. Here’s a video showing this behaviour:


I got you, thank you.

Reported to Steinberg.