click in the metering area of the fader to reset

pls… pls pls pls…

is there an option to return this very favorable behavior to my mixer?
“click empty space in fader metering to reset peak”

This was a very useful feature that is now not available in c10 anymore? am i missing something?
(came from 9.0.20)

Try pressing “alt” and click.

Regards :sunglasses:

Please fix this again or have an option in preferences or so…

I use this a lot…

What used to be a quick click while my other hand was busy agjusting, tweaking and dialing in, now I have to pause everytime and use two hands…

summa summarum : this task now takes two hands instead of one. :confused:


I’ve set up a key command Ctrl-Shift-r to reset my meters.