Click in timeline

Hi, is there anyway to turn off go to position when clicking in timeline? I know I can turn on select when clicking on empty space. Which I use
But I strictly want to use the timeline for zooming functions


No, this is not possible.

Bah, it should be…The thing that would be nice is if everything was could be configured to our own workflow.

That would be a big mess of preferences, and no one could set it up because of the high complexity.

Well, you pretty much can configure your own workflow in Cubase, you just need to learn (or relearn) the workflow Cubase already provides — which is very extensive.

I’m on a Mac using Cubase 9.5, so I’m not sure if and how this will translate to Windows and Cubase 9, but you can zoom in/out the timeline easier and quicker using the scroll wheel on your mouse while holding Control (I’m guessing, because on a Mac you hold Command). And then you can click the cursor to any location using Alt-Shift-mouse click without needing to go to the timeline. I know there’s a preference to click anywhere in the background and the cursor follows (which I think you’re using) but using the alt-shift-click makes it so you don’t need to turn the preference on/off constantly. Also, in Preferences, there’s a section just for modifier tools and which keys you want to assign to them.

Anyway, my point is what you’re needing might already be implemented in Cubase, you just need to search around.

Over the years I have developed my own workflow. I use my own key commands and I like it like that. For me I have logical key commands that I put some thought into. I just think certain things “especially on the main page” should be able to be under full control. Such as turning off the cycle function if I click in the upper part of the Time line…Make the time line itself smaller. And turn off select position in timeline. There are a lot of cogs and wheels behind cubase and I am aware of that. But I think we should be able to have more control over the main features. It just gives more control to the user which is what most people would like. The options

FYI: Shift+Click(and Drag) on the timeline doesn’t move the Play Cursor.