Click not working

This is Reggie, I hope all is well in Cubase land.

I have a issue, My Click/Metronome is not working, I’ve tried everything, however,
it’s not making any sound. :question: Please help :confused:

Windows 7 Cubase 6.5


Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have the Control Room activated?

Activate your Control Room in the VST Connection, Studio tab. Set your Main Output as Monitor 1. Open the Control Room Mixer, and switch On the Click.

If you don’t use Control Room, open your VST Connection, Output tab, and activate “Click” in the Click column (click by mouse to the Stereo Out row, and Click column).

Using Control Room is better way.

Thanks Martin, the Control room mixer click was off,



Without hijack this thread, but sometimes the click stops working for a moment and then goes ok…

True. I notice this as well.


AFAIK, this is the case when the click is sent to more than 1 output from the Control Room. A known issue that was discussed earlier.