Click on "e" to UNHIDE effect window first, not close it.

When, say, an effect window is open, yet hidden by another window, I often just go over to the “e” I used to open it in the first place and click it twice to re-view the effect… Since the effect is already open, my first click on that “e” results in closing the effect… and the second click results in reopening and viewing that effect.

Why not just make it so that when I click an “e”, it first shows the effect and the second click closes it – REGARDLESS of whether or not it’s open already?

I mean, I only ever close an effect by clicking the x on the effect window itself anyway… or hitting command-w.

I’ll name my first child Steiny if we could see this come to fruition.

+1. I’ve thought about this multiple times but never ended up suggesting it.

I hope this can be moved to the Feature Requests and Suggestions subforum.

yes. thank you for the +1.

It’s a no-brainer… a savings of at least 200 clicks per day.

The idea, in simpler terms:
If an effect window is fully or partially hidden, or not even open yet, a simple click on “e” would reveal the whole window first.

Also, can you change the title of your thread to describe the actual request?

good point. done.

Yes, this wold be good, but I use my MIDI controller keyboard for this and hit one pad to bring brings up Edit Channel Settings on the selected track.