Click on suggested cue

Disclaimer: I searched for “suggested cue” and did not find an earlier post on this subject.

This new cue feature is so great that it had me up in the clouds.
Click on the ear in the right hand panel. Let Dorico create a list of suggested cues. Select one of them and then look at the bottom where “playing instruments” appear. I clicked on one of them and expected the cue to be created at the suggested spot. Alas! It was not to be.
But would it not be nice (viz. time saving) if that worked?

Were you in Galley mode when you created the cue? Only a banner shows in Page view of the Full Score unless you change the preferences.

Thank you for your reaction Derrek.
I hope the picture loads correctly.
Galley or Page, clicking on the word Alto in the right bottom corner does nothing.

Yes - I agree with Karel. This would be a nice alternate way if the user has already highlighted the desired spot in the score for the cue. Clicking on the name in the Playing Instruments under Highlight suggestions could complete the task if coded that way. Currently, this list is just informational in nature. I think we are all so used to getting an action out of the surrounding panels in Dorico, it seems almost weird to just have information without the action. Using the popover is just as quick, though. I see the value of what Karel is saying as another way to implement the cue. And yes, cues in Dorico are pretty slick!

We were thinking about this when implementing cues, but finally discarded the idea. We don’t know / can’t tell where the cue should start and end exactly (the red highlighted zone is just an estimation). Also, when you select a suggested location, the selection changes to the first note at that location, which means that if clicking on a playing instrument would create a cue, the cue would be overlapping with the actual music on the stave, which I think is almost never wanted, so it would be an odd default behaviour.