Click Patterns 9.5 Pro, create Tuplets on single beat. (Solved, I think).

I’d like to create a Quintuplet Click Preset over one beat?

In a video on Click Presets, Greg Ondo demonstrates how to create a Quintuplet over Four Beats, that’s very good for 4 beats, but how about creating a Quintuplet over a single beat? I had a line that wanted to be played as Quintuplets on beats 1 and 3 of a 4/4 measure. Not sure what’s the best method for this in Cubase. I got acceptable results playing it with auto-quantize off, but I’d like to get it more exact.


P.S. thank heaven for that video because, naturally, I just realized the Click Pattern was off. :wink:
P.P.S. Click Patterns are awesome.

video link?

One of the latest videos on the youtube Cubase channel. I figured it out, see below.

Solved (I think). Works great (I think). I understand there’s tuplets on the quantize pannel and this may be the long way around the block to the same house, but creating the actual Click Pattern is what I was after. Here’s the steps I followed. Basically the same steps as in Greg’s video (I think).

  1. Empty Project
  2. Signature Track
  3. Insert 1/4 Signature
  4. Select the single measure and Create Click Pattern with Five Clicks
  5. On Signature Track, Render Midi Click (!)
  6. Name Click Track, the rendered MIDI Track, (so it makes sense later as a Saved Quantize Preset)
  7. Open Quantize Panel and Drag the Five Clicks Click Pattern to Quantize Panel
  8. Save Quantize Preset

To test this, I recorded a simple MIDI part using 1/4 note quintuplets with auto Quantize off. While I was generally accurate and the results would be acceptable without quantizing, when I applied the new Quantize Preset the quintuplets were more accurate. (See screen below).

I think I got this right, but it’s something I’m still learning. If you find an error in my steps, please let me know. It seems right.

I think the new Click Patterns are a very powerful addition to the Cubase Feature Set.

P.S. (1,2,3,4,5 = Little Italy :smiley: )

Mine may be the LONGER way around the block, but I just create a 24-click note, copy it 4 times, then put each note’s start at the previous note’s end.

When you say, “24-click note” – I’m not sure exactly what you mean?

If I need to quantize or even step enter a part and have it snap to Quintuplets, this preset or one like it will do that. What I like here is that the new click patterns can be saved and rendered as MIDI and Audio. Great feature.

Another example:


I mean I create a note that is 1/5 of a 120-click quarter note. I’m sure it’s easier to quantize to a quintuplet grid, but I probably made the habit of doing it my way before there were quintuplet grids.

Oh, now I see. Sorry to be a dim bulb, I should have understood. Sure. It’s whatever works, of course. It’s certainly good that Cubase will do these Quantize Grids, along with creating Click Patterns which can be rendered.