Click=Position Cursor


Please consider allowing us to position the cursor anywhere in the project window (or lower zone) just by a single left click.

Currently, if we want to position the cursor anywhere that there is project data, we have to use Shift+Alt, which seems unnecessary.

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If you hold the mouse over the lower half of the Ruler at the top of the UI a cross thingy appears.
Left click and the cursor will move to that location. :wink:

Already exists for the project view. Look in prefs>transport.

It´s only for empty space though, not anywhere. Clicking on an event or part does nothing.

So someone wants to click on an object and not select the object?

Either that, or maybe both - select object and position cursor…

Both is what I was thinking…and of course make it OPTIONAL whether you want the cursor to follow the mouse left-click.

I tried this out and it’s pretty useless…positioning the mouse there is tricky because it’s such a small space, and I then have to check and make sure it’s lined up properly because I’m not clicking AT THE LOCATION I need the cursor to be. Thanks for the input, though.

If that were implemented, wouldn’t it need to be done via a modifier key anyway? I suppose there’s some other sequencer that has that function… how does it work?

I agree on this.
As a workaround, i use the fantastic application Keyboard Maestro in combination with Cubase:
I made a Macro in Keyboard Maestro with which i can hit a key shortcut on my computer keyboard and then it sends Shift+Alt+leftmouse click to Cubase.
Sidenote: In Reaper DAW, you can just leftmouse click on an event (no key modifiers needed) and it places the Cursor at that very same clicked position.You even have the option if the event also becomes selected or not.
I already feature requested the implementation of the insane powerful “Mouse Modifiers” concept which Reaper has, also in Cubase.
Reaper is the only DAW that has such an extensive flexibility and arsenal regarding mouse actions in combination with all kinds of key modifiers that work on an event.
If you are a Cubase user and you are into creating superfast workflows regarding functionality applied on an Event than you could only dream of such a powerful “Mouse Modifiers” concept implemented in Cubase (and yes: I Am A Dreamer) :smiley:

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Just noticed that the Snap doesn’t work if you click on empty space to position the cursor. Probably should.

That’s correct.
But…if you hold down SHIFT+ALT just before the leftmouse click on empty track space, the Cursor WILL snap to the set Snap value.
If you hover your mouse over an Event, you see a small vertical guide line that follows the mouse ; it snaps to the gridlines when you have Snap enabled: Handy !
But,if you hover your mouse over empty Track space, there is no such vertical guide line following mouse.
Why not ?
Would be handy if that vertical guide line is visible when hovering mouse over empty Track space also.

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Nope. That Shift+Alt thing is not making the cursor snap to the grid. I have Snap/Grid enabled to 1/1 and the cursor is most definitely NOT snapping to those gridlines when I hold Alt+Shift and click on empty space and I am not seeing the vertical line thingy when I hover over an event. Pref’s Maybe?. :confused:

a) That “vertical line thingy” > Check Preferences > Editing > Tools: Crosshair Cursor : Show vertical line.
b) Which “Snap Type” and “Grid Type” do you have set in the upper area of Project Window ?

Thanks for that. My Snap is set to Grid and it doesn’t seem to matter what the quantize is set to. It doesn’t want to snap to it zoomed in or zoomed out.
The cursor should, I assume, behave the same way as it does when I click on the ruler.
I have the ‘Show vertical line’ checked but it is not showing when I hover over an event. Odd!.

I found a slight improvement over the Shift+Alt option!

In the tool modifiers section in Preferences, you can make it so you only have to press ‘Alt’ to position the cursor anywhere in the project window. This is a bit more comfortable than Shift+Alt.