CLICK problem

Hello all!
My name is Luca and I’m writing from Rome.
I’ve just installed cubase 8, it’s great, but when i try to record a midi/audio track, my click doesn’t work fine.
It loose sync and sometimes i don’t listen it in random times. (Pre count activated)
Could you tell me more about this strange behaviour?

Mac book pro MID 2012, 8gb RAM, MOTU TRAVELER MKI

Another indication:
When I click “F4” and i disable “CLICK” and then i able it, it work for one time.
I click on record button and i listen the click, only for one time.
Thank you in advance.

The are several known issues with the click on Cubase 8. It’s even listed on a page on the Steinberg website.

It’s the very first issue on that page. I followed the suggestion to start at an exact bar position and it works fine. When I start anywhere that’s not an exact bar position, the click is inaudible.

Was this your issue?

Yes it is.
Thank you for your REPLY.

Yeah this is the single biggest issue with version 8 for me at the moment, which is a shame because everything else is very cool. Massively frustrating when you’re trying to just capture an idea as it happens and you have to wrestle with a temperamental metronome.

The only solution I’ve found so far is to play the track, and click the ruler to locate anywhere while it’s playing. Then the click will come back. But I’m hoping 8.01 comes out soon and addresses this.