Click Problem


The click doesn’t work properly… May an update solve the problem please??


go to Devices/VST Connections/Outputs and Click under Click culumn

Click problem is beyond a settings issue and is well documented. It’s literally schizophrenic and just shameful on Steinberg’s part.

As mentioned above the click track is an issue that needs fixed and not a settings change. I would have thought out of ALL the bugs this one should have been on the top of the list to be fixed.

Anyway my workaround until it is fixed is to just write a drum track with hi hats and use that for my click.

Suggested by Steinberg to change the ASIO Guard settings to either Low or Off to resolve the click issue. This did not resolve the problem on my end.

This has been answered in another thread, they are working on it.

I’m still waiting for the click to work properly and many other things…!! Please, don’t sell an update that do not work!!! We don’t have time to waste!! Please try your software before selling it!!

The metronome issue was known and published when C8 was released! Please don’t buy an update when a known issue is going to conflict with your use of it. You don’t have time to waste. Do your research before buying.
Your request in the OP has been verified and assured that it should be remedied in the next update, so let’s not go on about it. The next update should be in a few days now.

I’m starting to think there’s a strategy here…

If we can’t hear the click, we might not notice how poor MIDI timing is.

Both are long-acknowledged and well-reported issues.

This has been going on so long, that I really am tiring of it.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read here ‘…fix the bugs, we can wait for new features’