Click-select multiple overlapping clips. Is it possible? (audio montage)

Just wondering…

I know that I can multi-select the above overlapping clips by:

  1. Holding Ctrl+shift and drag a rectangle
  2. By making a multi-selection on the “Clips” Tool Window

However, sometimes it happens by… accident and they become click-multi-selected. I cannot figure out how it happened.
So, the straight question: Is it possible to select one clip and then select an overlapping clip by clicking, while you hold some combination of modifier keys? (Something very common in computers)

P.S That would be more useful when you want to click-deselect a single clip of a multiple selection. For the moment, the only way I know is through the “Clips” tool window

Have a nice weekend

Given a select clip, press Shift and click to select “until” that new clip.

This is true when you have two consecutive clips. But on my screenshot, the overlapping clips are two short clips that are “mixed” by pasting on top of a large clip. Is there a way that (on the timeline) I can click-toggle the selection of these short clips?

Not sure this is what you are asking for, but if you double-click at the bottom area of the crossfade zone, if A is selected and not B, the selection is reversed.

YES!!! The double-click is what I was missing!
Thank you PG! :+1: