click silence click silence click silence click

Guess what sound that is coming from?

And Guess what time it is?

ah, :bulb: winter time! And I know what you clicked away. Been there, done that this morning :laughing:

Yap, of course :slight_smile:
Wasn’t too bad this time, haven’t got all that many plugs these days since I got rid of all the stuff I don’t use anyway.

One of my backup drives failed… click click… click…

and It’s time to backup.

Luckily, I have 3 copies of everything.

I know that sound very well. (Bummer :frowning:)

The sound of a rotational drive packing it’s bags and heading south.

Well at least now your back up strategy will pay off.

Good luck.


Do SSD drives make a sound when failing?

The only way you know when a ssd fails is when the smoke starts leaking out of them. :mrgreen:

Damn, and I thought I’d left a roach smouldering somewhere…but it did smell funny :smiley: .



The magic smoke.


Oh I thought you meant the daylight savings thing resetting the plugins :stuck_out_tongue:.
Ah well, good job on backing up regularly!

Ooops! my bad! I was just happy the silly winter time procedure went well!

but the click click click click …
n o o o o o it’s n o t happening! :astonished: :imp:
and all you can do is watch and realise it’s … happening! :laughing:

The couple of times I’ve had this happen I had to excuse myself for a bit of scotch … It’s funny how emotionally impactful that stuff can be.