Click Sound Presets - Cubase 9.5 PRO

Hello Cubasers,

Was excited to check out the Steinberg Click Presets for some of the cool different sounds for click that I though was coming baked into the software. Does anyone else have them? Not sure why I don’t have them in my default install.


Some of it is only available in the Pro version.

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I am on the Pro version…

Do you mean there aren’t any sounds listed or you can’t hear them when you have selected them? I have several (don’t know if it’s all you saw in the Demo).


The promo video about Pro 9.5 seemed to suggest that the new version includes a kind of rhythm library for the new Metronome and that the output of of the Metronome can be recorded to a MIDI track? Is this how it works? If so, it sounds like a kind of universal arpeggiator. Comments?

you have to click (activate) the “activate metronome-click” at the GENERAL tab.
then you can select the different click-sounds at the 2nd tab.

had the same problem since i figured it out how it works!

…and if you’re listening to it via Control room you need it switched on there too.

Still no luck guys… when I click the click sound presets button, I only have the options to save, remove and rename. I don’t have the list of different predefined presets. I am trying a full reinstall of 9.5 rather than just the upgrade but low and behold the full download of 9.5 in the assistant fails every time I try.

I am having the same problem. I get the original click sound, but none of the new click pre-sets. I have tried a full install.

can confirm i dont have the different presets either

same here. no presets (after resetting the profile in profile-manager)

the migrated profile (profile-manager) had clicksound-presets, but other problems (no metronom-icon in the footer)