Click sound?

I cannot hear it. I am using studio monitoring through Mr816x. I have used cubase 6.5 before. I know how to activate it in 6.5 but the option do not seems to be there in cubase 7.02. Where is it? I have activated the the click button in the “F2” window.
In the F4 setup my stereo out in set to no output and the the studio to MR816x stereo out. But the click options is only visible in the stereo out panel.

Y’know you’re using the key commands to refer to the windows, but those aren’t the defaults (at least here on Mac)

but maybe this will help– did you check in the Control Room, click on ‘Control Room’ then activate the click button.

I Think cubase 7 demo miss thoose functions.

It does not.

thinkingcap > I am confused. Why cant I see all the button as in your picture?

It´s not my picture, but click on the top bar, where it says “control room”.

read a manual or watch a youtube it normally help

Okay. solved. Press Control room text brings upp more options. Got it.