Click to Move to Snap Point

Does anyone have a way to have to events line up at their snap points? In Pro Tools I use control+shift to align up to the snap point to edit location by clicking on a clip (event). I know I can set modifiers in Nuendo (not Cubase) to align to the start or end of an event in preferences with “Tool Modifiers” for the range tool and select tool but there is no option for align to snap point.

How does everyone else make best use of snap points in their workflow (music or post)?

I think the default is cmd L on mac and control L on PC

What do you mean by snap point?

Each event (typically) has the snap point set to the start of the event and this is what Nuendo uses to align events. You can use the command “set snap point to cursor” to re-position that snap point while in the project window, otherwise double-clicking the event to open the sample editor will also let you re-position the snap point (indicated by a “S”).

Thanks for the replies, I want to avoid dragging the events around to line them up to the cursor and changing from grid mode to magnetic cursor or to a hybrid to have it snap to the cursor/playback line. I want to if possible and just click and hold a modifier or click the event and type a key command to have it jump to the cursor. I realize I can type in the cursor location in event data or drag events to play location.

Maybe there is some macro I am not aware of that I can make to get playback location and then move selected region(s) snap point to that location.

If I’ve understood the question correctly, you can use the Quantize commands for this.

I’ve already mentioned how to change event’s snap point via project window. If you want to move an event to cursor position based on snap point then use the command “Edit -> Move to cursor”.

Just pressing Q to quantize? Are you just trying to snap the audio event to the nearest location with that?

Thanks everyone for the help and letting me know there isn’t a way to still sync to the start of an event if you move the snap point which is the closest thing to the sync point in Pro Tools. Basically if you move the snap point you loose the function to snap start of event to cursor.

Here’s a macro I made with Keyboard Maestro to allow this to work. You have to show the info line and time display in order for it to work.

You can see it in action here, maybe there is a more eloquent way to do this but it doesn’t appear so.
Update Event to Playback Cursor with Keyboard Maestro.jpg

Sorry, I’m confused. Do you want to align the audio event start to a location, and also you don’t want to move the snap point to the event start?

No that’s not what he’s saying as far as I can see.

In Pro tools we have a “sync point” which we can place anywhere in a region. Once we’ve done that we have to option of snapping that region’s “sync point” to a location of our choice, using a key command + click.

In Nuendo the solution suggested was to move the “snap point”, but that’s just the problem as far as I understand it; you’re moving the snap point, not adding another point for sync. So now you’ve lost the ability to snap the beginning of the event to somewhere else.

Correct I want to be able to snap to the start with a modifier and click, the snap point and the end like I do in Pro Tools. I know it might seem silly but I have duplicate events that sometimes it is helpful to sync to the start and others to the snap. Plus I don’t ever want to really think about if it is going to align to the snap or the start since the snap point often is placed at the bar start when recording which doesn’t seem to be something you can turn off and to compound the issue there is no way to always show the sync point other than selecting the event so the three commands are very helpful for me in Pro Tools (which shows you the sync (snap) point always with the view option turned on).

Yes, that is it! Sorry the question was vague to specific. This is what I wanted but I didn’t want to nail it down because often there are better ways of working than what I am use to and wanted to get other workflows if there were something more that could be done in Cubendo. From what I have read in the manual and gather from others it seems like Nuendo is not quite as flexible in this case but has at least a workaround (as I posted in the last post).

If it helps you can see the difference here in Pro Tools, no special 3rd party macro needed, I also included what happens if you try to move earlier then the clip/event can start in the time line and part way through you can see me unlink the edit selection from the playback selection (shift+/ you see in the video), which is like the command Cycle Follows Range Selection in the preferences and key commands. Having these unlinked doesn’t really work in Cubendo since you can’t have the range selection and the object selection tool happening at the same time like you can in Pro Tools (and Logic 8+) with the select tool and the grabber through the Smart tool.

Anyway I don’t want to complicate things too much I think through the screen videos you can see what I am after if the verbiage is confusing.

Yes, I would like to see if this is available in Nuendo, as well! It isn’t in Cubase, as far as I can tell, and it’s a highly useful function for editing. On a related note: Not being able to have the arrow tool and the range tool used simultaneously as Pro Tools (and Logic?) does is the one main thing that makes me really crazy in Cubase (does “Edit Mode” in Nuendo enable this?).

Thank you so much.