Click Track Graphic

Hi, is it possible to add a variable click track subdivision graphic like this that will show up on scores and parts?

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 5.48.43 PM

You could add a one-line percussion instrument and then add the click material to that staff, and include that player in both the full score layout and each of the part layouts.

Dorico doesn’t natively support zero-line instruments, but if you search the forum you’ll find library files you can use that will provide them, e.g. here:

Is there a way to take away the systemic barline?

Hmm, not that I can immediately think of, I’m afraid!

Thanks, Daniel…A floating graphic track of this nature would be a nice feature to include at some point.

Can on opt for tick-mark bar lines on this staff and then reduce them to nothing?

You can cover the systemic barline with staff text consisting of several spaces with background erasure enabled and collision avoidance disabled:

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Yep, there are obviously work arounds…you could also cover up the systemic bar line with a solid white graphic item, and that might be easier to cut and paste to all the other systems. Ultimately having this type of feature built in would be the best thing of course. I’m guessing that it’s probably most useful in film/media scoring scenarios, but maybe in some contemporary music scores, too.