Click track: I hear one thing, it records another

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to Cubase, but am coming from another DAW where the problem I’m about to describe wasn’t a problem, so here goes…

I have a session setup using my midi keyboard. I’m recording MIDI notes to one track, and I have the keyboard plugged into my audio interface in stereo. I’m arming all 3 tracks at the same time (stereo send out of the keyboard into the interface, and a track armed for midi, playing a VST piano).

I’m recording to the click track, set at 70 BPM. When I actually play to the live click, I’m landing on the beats dead-to-rights, in terms of what I’m hearing coming through my speakers. In fact, to test this, I just did one note, quarter notes, on each beat, recording one midi note and one track of the keyboard itself using a random piano sound. Keyboard is a Yamaha MODX in case that matters.

When I play the track BACK, the notes are now playing slightly off the beat, generally ahead of it. What is playing back is different than what I’m playing in, at least in terms of what I’m hearing.

When I look at the MIDI notes, I can see the “transient” is all over the place, while the audio version of the piano is largely lining up with the beats.

Now before we get too far, my primary instrument is piano and I’ve recorded to a click track a million times :slight_smile:. While I understand that there will be slight variations in how the midi is recorded, I can tell by simply playing quarter notes on the beat that the click track I’m hearing live when tracking ends up recording midi that is different than what I’m actually hearing.

I have audio warp quantized turned off for the non-midi recorded tracks. I have not quantized anything. When using the same approach in my other DAW, if I were to do the same test, it would pretty much show me the midi was exactly where I placed it relative to the click track I was hearing. In this case, you can see the midi never lands on the beat, and I’m striking these notes pretty much exact. Just want to see if there is some setting I don’t know about that will more reliably help me capture the audio more closely to what I’m playing against the click track. Thanks in advance, and hope this makes sense!


By the way, I’m using Cubase 10.5 professional. I think this ended up in the wrong forum. Sorry about that!

Looks like I figured this out…Sonarworks Reference 4 was running in the Control Room as an insert. It was bypassed, but still creating latency during the tracking session. I guess I’ll be leaving that off the channel strip until everything is tracked!