click track quantizing

So, We have a song we recorded with only guitars and sent it to our drummer and he made a more accurate click track to play the drums to. The problem is I don’t have access to my other guitar player at the moment so I have drums in time with pre-made click track that changes tempo throughout the song. What I would like to do is take the old recording of the other guitar and quantize it to the click track for the drums so I can keep his part with the better timing. I need to Know if I can use the click track he made and not the time signature inside of cubase. I’m using pro 8.5.


You can create a new Quantize map from the Drum track. Open Quantize Panel, and drag-and-drop the Drum audio event (I would recommend only few Bars of it) to the Quantize display. This you can save as your own Quantize preset and use for Quantize of any other audio/MIDI material.

I would recommend only few Bars of it

This cannot work in this case as he said there is varying tempo. You could maybe create an audio file from the click track and use tempo detection on that to create the new tempo map.

This what I’ve done so far. I seem to be figuring some of this out on my own but with audio recording it’s just one thing after anoth.

So what I did is I split the click track right before it changes time signaturs and then i selected the part with ony one time signature. Then I make sure the track is not in musical mode and I select detect tempo and analyze it. And then it creates a click track in cubase that matches the click in my project for that section. Then, I split and select each other part right before it changes and repeat the process. It seems to work even in the same track. So, the click in cubase and the click in my project sync up even when the time signature changes. The new issue is when I do this is strectes the orginal time signature but When I take the drum tracks out of musical mode it seems to sync up to the project and cubases click.

Quantize is tempo independent.

Sorry I misread what he was trying to do :blush: