Click track & unwanted space in beginning when exporting…

Hello, I’m still running Cubase 4. Just what I’m used to and don’t want to upgrade as the computer I use with it isn’t even online.

Anyways, two questions.

  1. Can I make an audio track of just the click track on Cubase 4?

  2. Whenever I export out of Cubase there is space added in the beginning. I always set my markers for the beginning and the end of the song. When I open it in Wavelab there is a random amount of space added to the beginning. Why is this? It causes problems when sending files for others to work on within the same song.


Not in Cubase 4. You can do so in Cubase 12.

In Cubase 4, you couldn’t export by Markers, but by the Locators only, if I remember correctly.

How long? Few samples, or ms or longer?

You can use Cubase 12 offline too.