Click Volume - Control Room

How can I handle de Click Volume in Control Room section? (no fader?)

There is only an “activate” button.


There’s also a fader. In the cue section it’s right beside the button, in the main it’s lower down and called “Click”.
Have another look. :wink:

la foto.JPG
Sorry, I can`t see it.

Perhaps your screen resolution need adjustment.
This is how it should look in 8.0.10

P.S. The image in the Operation Manual does not appear to be up to date. :wink:

Hello nicolaschb,

(please don’t kill the messenger) you have to click on the “Main” button to slide open the bottom part of that section as shown in BriHar’s image. I know it is weird, but that is how it was designed.

Hope this helps!


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Wow!!! That was the solution.

Always troubles with click volume and Cubase, hahah.

Thank you very much!

Thanks @Luis_Dongo, that helped me out

It’s 2020 and we have Cubase 11 Pro and it is still the same weird thing!
You have to click the grey ‘none-button’ called ‘main’ to show up the click volume and other buttons.
It is very sad to see Steinberg stuffing more and more new features into Cubase without fixing the problems with all the previous versions and improving the user experience.

What’s so difficult about working through Cubase users’ error messages from Steinberg’s own forum?