Clicking on a midi-event so that the according midi-track is clicked

hey there!
first of all, sorry for my english, i hope i can explain myself here.
second, please help me with an issue i’m having. thank you!

lets say i have a cubase project open with two different midi-tracks (or instrument tracks, doesnt matter). lets say flute and oboe. so i have a flute track and an oboe track.
now i click on the flute track so that the flute track is highlighted. and now lets say i draw a midi-event with the pen not in the flute but within the oboe-track!

can i set up cubase in a way that now automaticly the oboe track is highlighted (as if it would be when i click directly on the oboe-track)?

thank you so much

There should be a setting… in preferences
“track selection follows event selection”


thank you!!


Btw, it’s not named MIDI Event, the correct name is MIDI Part. MIDI Event is MIDI Note, or MIDI Controller, for example. :wink:

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