Clicking On Channel Does Not Move Arranger To Synced Track..

This is reproduceable for any CPR where it occurs. I can attach examples if needed, but they are pretty huge CPRs.

Let’s say we have a multi-output VSTi such as Halion3 or Reaktor5 used as a Rack Instrument.

  1. Edit the audio -channel- for one of the outputs by writing some automation.

  2. Now click on the channel in MixConsole. The same track should now be highlighted in the Arranger. But it isn’t.

I think the reason is that this happens if the VSTi folder is buried inside another folder for some reason.

Typically this happens when importing an older (eg. C6) CPR. The project plays fine, but if you look in the folders at the bottom of the Arranger, the Halion is -inside- the Reaktor folder for some reason. So one has to hunt around to find the actual channel in the Arranger to see the automation lane.

So… the ‘Sync’ needs to be able to work with channels which are within subfolders.