Clicking on the Stop button in Play Mode

For some reason, neither of the Stop Buttons in the Menu Bar (Top right) or the Transport Bar will stop play for me in Play Mode.

The Stop Buttons work perfectly in all the other modes.

Do you have the latest Dorico 3.0.10? I can’t reproduce that behaviour, neither on Mac nor Win.

Hi Ulf - yes, I’m running 3.0.10.

I’ve not seen any other reports of this, and it works fine for me too.

I’ve no idea what could be causing it, Daniel. As I say, it’s only happening in Play mode - in both of those two locations - and nowhere else. And only with Stop. Very peculiar.

I’ve just checked and it doesn’t happen in Dorico 2.

Any suggestions as to where I might look to solve it? Is it a keystroke thing? Something else running in the background?

Can you take a little screen capture using QuickTime Player and upload it here?

Thanks Daniel - The file is 2.8MB zipped so I’ll send it to your email address. Hope that’s OK.